Mysterious Castle

All of us love a stories about biden rooms with secrets, tunnels, etc.

If you want to see such a story, go to the Castle " Sforzesco Castello " It is history very rich. The Milan's castle was built in the 14 the century as Visconti's residence, but it was destroyed by the crowd of rising people after declaration of the Ambroziansky republic. Francesco Sforza was rebuild in the middle of 15th century. In the second part of the 15th century Leonardo da Vinci was invited to decoration the Castle; from his works only the pergola and the manuscript stayed. Quite recently the ancient tunnel between the Castle and Maria's Church was found. The most well known fresco of Leonardo da Vinci " Secret vespers "is stored in the Church. Until recently the tunnel was considered to be a legend, fiction.... and how many secrets are stored in ancient residence ?